Monday, June 27, 2011

Kepada ibubapa/pengasuh yang menjaga anak kecil..sila baca ni..


McDonalds, Burger king, Time Zone etc..All places with ball pits in the children's play area.
Hi. My name is Lauren Archer, a friend of mine that resides in The Hill , Johannesburg ..
took his only son to McDonald's for his 3rd birthday.

After he finished lunch, his parents allowed him to play in the ball pit.
When he started whining later on, and his mother asked him what was wrong, he pointed to the back of his pull-up and simply said 'Mommy, it hurts.' they couldn't find anything wrong with him at that time. After bathing him when they got home, they found what looked like insect bites at the time.

Upon investigating, it seemed as if there was matter coming out of the wounds.
they were on there way to the hospital, but soon he started vomiting and shaking, then his eyes rolled back into his head.. From there, they went to the emergency room.

He died later that night.

He was found to have snake bites all over his legs & buttocks. When they cleaned the ball pit they found that there was a snake's nest in the ball pit.
He had suffered numerous bites from a very poisonous snake.


p/s : Kepada yang jaga anak kecil tu,hati-hati ye.Apa-apa pun boleh berlaku sekelip mata je. ;)


Aen Azhan said... Reply To This Comment

kepada ibu bapa yang suka tinggalkan anak2 bermain kat tempat permainan, jaga2 la ye. awasi anak2 jgn dah jadi mcm ni baru menyesal kan dah terlambat . kan cik darling angel ? :)

Cik Ila said... Reply To This Comment

Aen : Betul tu ain.. ;)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

ibu2 bapak2 sila beri perhatian :)

FasiHaH SupiaN said... Reply To This Comment

eiii mengerikannnnn....bahaya juga macam ni....

hakak CNN said... Reply To This Comment

sumpahhh ngeriii...tobat tak kasik anak main tempat camtu dahh..TQ for sharing thiss..